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If you are with a factoring company you may have a free listing on this website.

Please be as accurate as possible and disclose your position broker or direct lender.

This website will soon evolve into a database so that potential clients may locate you by your preferred criteria.

As I believe we all are aware, in this day and age marketing plans eclipse quality or service.

It seems many of the historically lowest quality producers of the world now control the largest market segments.

Having said that, this website in not intended to compete with your current marketing strategies.

Hopefully this directory of factoring companies will allow businesses to gain a little better perspective of the industry and those that serve it.

The forms on this website can be used to list your factoring company, correct errors or provide additional information.

The information you provide will not only improve the website and put your name in front of potential clients but in addition it will be added to our referral database.

Please provide information on

What industries do you serve?

Do you fund progress payments?

Do you fund third party billing such as medical receivables?

What are your minimums to fund or per month?

What are you factoring limits? (Maximums)

Do you charge an application fee or any other fee to start?

Are there any other fee's per invoice, ach, wire etc.?







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