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Our directory of invoice factoring companies provides lists of invoice factors in the United States, UK, Europe and around the world.

This directory of factoring companies is the largest and most complete list of it's kind and growing daily.

The Directory is provided by Joel Clark of Diversified Resources to serve you and promote ourselves. You may call us for assistance and there is no charge to you for our services.

Our goal is to strengthen and grow small businesses but we do serve all markets.

Basic Listings of invoice factoring companies in the US and around the world is provided at no cost to you.

We would like to open the entire detailed directory at no cost but we have too much invested to allow copying.


We have a personal database of factoring companies and the type of factoring they offer ie: invoice factoring, freight bill factoring, construction factoring, medical factoring - third party billing factoring and on and on.  

Remember that in this industry you may be better served by a factoring company outside your area.

We believe in local contacts in business but sometimes this is impossible.

If you're able to find a company that fits your industry and volume, has good customer service and a local representative, that's just about as good as it gets.

We do caution small businesses to be careful with companies that claim #1, best.  lowest cost, fastest funding, highest advances etc.

Statements such as these are very effective marketing but are rarely if ever true.

If you are the owner or director of a factoring company you may add additional information about your services and industries you serve.

Please support this effort by calling us before signing a contract with a factoring company.

Factoring takes many forms. Where manufacturing, shipping, wholesaling and others are similar in transaction, Medical Factoring and Construction Factoring are quite different from them and each other.

Another variable can be disclosed (common) and undisclosed. This is the difference in whether your client knows that you are using a factoring company.

Then there's Recourse Factoring and Non Recourse Factoring. which defines who is responsible for non payers

Similar to Credit Card Processing, Factoring advances funds on a promise to pay.

If you are part of a factoring company or are otherwise aware of one that should be added to the directory please feel free to do so.

These company listings are free to the factoring industry.

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The list of factoring companies in this directory have been compiled from Diversified Resources original database, Our clients & customers,  direct submissions, Factors Chain International, International Factoring Association, International Factoring Group, Commercial Finance Association, Gale Publishing, American Cash Flow Association, Commercial Finance Association, Discount Buyers Association, Turnaround Management Association, Google, MSN/Bing, Lycos, DMOZ, Yahoo, Better Business Bureau, Chambers of Commerce and other sources.




The sale of a receivable for cash

It may also be structured as an advance on the value of a receivable (accounts receivable finance)

Other terms include recourse, non recourse, disclosed and undisclosed

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